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Speciality coffee

There are many different types of coffee and coffee manufacturers around the world. But what makes a gourmet coffee, or specialty coffee, is its quality and exceptional taste. The term Gourmet Coffee is not protected and is used by many coffee manufacturers to indicate to the customer how high-quality or exclusive the coffee beans are. Origin or processing is often secondary. We want to counteract this and always show them the entire value chain of our Santa Monica coffee [More under "The Coffee Farm].

Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

The name "Gourmet Coffee" or "Specialty Coffee" may only be used if all steps of the processing procedures are followed according to the expectations of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). However, enjoyment is always in the foreground. So not only must the coffee be excellent - the coffee farm must also adhere to all the guidelines and test criteria of the "Specialty Coffee Association" SCA. As the SCA Switzerland itself beautifully paraphrases on its website: "Speciality coffees are coffees of the highest quality with unique taste characteristics, grown under the best conditions and therefore only available in limited quantities. Expertly brewed and prepared, they produce coffees of high sensory qualities in the cup." [Direct link]

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Santa Monica Farm is a member of the BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association) and is subject to all its guidelines and testing criteria. In order for their coffee to bear the genuine title of "Specialty Coffee" / "Gourmet Coffee" or "Specialty Coffee", it must achieve a cupping score of over 80 points.

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