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The coffee farm


Directly from the coffee farm to your home

After Arthur Moscofian Jr. had spent many years learning about coffee in Brazil and abroad, he created his own coffee house. Coffee farm in 1985, the gourmet coffee Santa Monica [More under "Our coffee]. During his travels in Europe and Brazil, he got to know roasting companies and various farms that enabled him to discover the best coffee. The results of many years of research around the gourmet coffee Santa Monica had as main goal to be able to offer people a coffee of the highest quality.
Santa Monica Farm is a pioneer in the culture of gourmet coffee in Brazil. The coffee grown in the Machado region of southern Minas Gerais is produced with the utmost care by those who understand what they are doing. They take care of the plants and their fruits, make sure the beans are carefully selected and take care of the roasting with exclusive machines and the latest techniques. To ensure the integrity of the roasted beans, special packaging has been developed over time to preserve the coffee for longer.
This is how this Specialty Coffee "Café Santa Monica" came into being. On the page "Coffee"you can learn more about our coffee. On our website, we not only sell freshly roasted beans for your fully automatic coffee machine or your portafilter, but also freshly ground coffee for your French press or for fine filter coffee. Besides the classic Gourmet coffee (medium roast), we also offer 100% organic coffee beans or a slightly stronger roasted Intenso.
Below you can see all the necessary steps - from cultivation to the first drop of coffee in your cup. See for yourself.
The Coffee Farm 1

Coffee farm

Santa Monica Farm enjoys a privileged location in the Machado region south of Minas Gerais. The climate and an average altitude of 1100 m provide the ideal environment for growing speciality coffees.

The Coffee Farm 2

Coffee plant

The soil is always analysed and nutrient exchange is ensured so that the coffee trees grow and produce the best coffee beans.

The Coffee Farm 3


Over 4 years, the seedlings are fertilised and cared for so that each coffee tree can develop its full potential.

The Coffee Farm 4


This process ensures all the coffee trees on the farm receive water and nutrients, keeping them healthy and strong so that the plants produce the best possible coffee.

The Coffee Farm 5


During the whole year, one waits for the most beautiful moment, namely when the whole farm is working. First, they analyse in which sector the coffee has already ripened, and then the coffee cherries are harvested.

The Coffee Farm 6

Washing, separating

After harvesting, the ripe beans are selected through a process that evaluates the density of each bean. Always looking to achieve the best quality in all processes.

The Coffee Farm 7


To ensure and maintain coffee quality, we store the beans in courtyards for drying for 9 days. This is how we make our tastiest and sweetest coffees.

The Coffee Farm 8


Before the coffee is stored, a novel selection process is carried out where coffee tasters select and evaluate each area from the farm to check the quality and select them according to their variety.

The Coffee Farm 9


After all the processes carried out on the farm, storage must be carried out very well to ultimately ensure the quality of the beverage. We store green coffee for an average of 1 year to obtain the desired characteristics and ensure the Santa Monica standard.

The Coffee Farm 10


The beans then go through the special roasting process for gourmet coffees in small batches to ensure an incomparable aroma and crema.

The Coffee Farm 11


After roasting, the coffee is immediately packaged so as not to lose its properties. Our packaging contains degassing valves that prevent oxygen from entering and at the same time allow the coffee to smell.

The Coffee Farm 12


It is very important to prepare perfect coffee to get the best out of every cup. That is why Santa Monica Farm offers in-house courses and training to ensure that the work started on our farm is completed perfectly.

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