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Specialty Coffee - Specialty Coffee at Kaffee Gourmet

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nespresso capsules compatible gourmet coffee capsules

Gourmet coffee capsules


Speciality coffee

Try our Nespresso®-compatible gourmet capsules. The coffee used is grown in the south of Minas Gerais on the Santa Monica farm. We use only selected coffee beans that are roasted in small batches to guarantee incomparable aroma, taste, crema and body.

Gourmet coffee in capsules is a coffee with a remarkable flavour, produced by a special roasting process that allows its chocolate and caramel notes to unfold. With natural sweetness, complex aroma, low acidity, fine crema and low bitterness. Produced without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Origin or processing is often a secondary consideration for other coffee producers. We want to counteract this and always show them the entire value chain of our Santa Monica coffee [More under "The Coffee Farm].

100% Arabica coffee

After many years of studying coffee in Brazil and abroad, Arthur Moscofian Jr. created Santa Monica Gourmet Coffee in 1985. Travelling in Europe and Brazil, he visited roasters and several plantations to discover the best. We use only 100% Arabica beans for our capsules. Results of this research had as main goal the idea to offer people premium and gourmet coffee with more unique quality.

nespresso capsules compatible gourmet coffee capsules
nespresso capsules compatible gourmet coffee capsules

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Santa Monica Farm is a pioneer in the culture of gourmet coffee in Brazil. Grown in the Machado region of southern Minas Gerais, the coffee is produced with the utmost care by connoisseurs who understand what they are doing and take care of all the processes. From the flowering to the rigorous selection of coffee beans and roasting with exclusive machines and techniques. To ensure the integrity of the beans, we have developed special packaging that allows coffee to be preserved for longer. That's why we decided to use a very special packaging technique for our coffee capsules.

Below you have the possibility to buy very fine Nespresso compatible coffee capsules online.

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