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BEST COFFEE Our coffee beans contain a natural sweetness and have an intense aroma. Order your new favourite coffee here at advantageous prices. Order coffee online - at kaffee-gourmet.ch 100% ARABICA Excellent 100% Arabica coffee from the noble region in the south of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Order coffee online - at kaffee-gourmet.ch SINGLE ORIGIN Enjoy this noble single origin gourmet coffee from the same growing region. Order coffee online - at kaffee-gourmet.ch

Best coffee

What does Gourmet Coffee mean?

The main characteristic of gourmet coffee is an intense, accentuated, long-lasting flavour with a very low acidity and bitterness content. Only selected coffee beans are used for this.

What criteria must be met?

The coffee beans must be 100% immaculate Arabica beans, contain natural sweetness, have very low acidity and score over 80 points with the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

Noble Origin - Best Coffee

Cultivated in Machado at over 1000m above sea level, in the south of Minas Gerais in Brazil, it produces one of the best coffees in the world - Santa Monica Gourmet Coffee.

Technology, precision and responsibility

The Santa Monica Farm, also called an organic farm, applies the latest technologies and uses only living organisms to control pests in the plantations - completely without pesticides. Result: no chemical residues, healthy products and excellent taste.

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I wanted to try something new and ordered your Santa Monica. The information on the package is correct 😉 - my son sniffed the coffee and asked if it was chocolate.

Daniel, 38 , Software Engineer

I can drink the Santa Monica Gourmet coffee without sugar. The roast is not too strong, yet it has a full-bodied coffee taste.

Sarah, 31 , housewife and mother

Perfect for espresso and café crème. It has a balance, a certain sweetness and is great for my fully automatic machine.

Renato, 65 , pensioner
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Saas Fee - 2021

A family business

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Switzerland & Brazil - an excellent blend!

Kaffee Gourmet is a Swiss family business run by the Höheners. The Höheners - a multifaceted family of five with a passion for coffee and enjoyment. Whereby the enjoyment of coffee is of course limited to the parents, who were both born in Brazil (he in Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais - known for the best coffee and she in Rio de Janeiro), but grew up in beautiful Switzerland and also met and fell in love here. Through their South American roots and their ties to Brazil, they bring true coffee culture to Switzerland.

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Naturally sweet coffee beans - Best coffee?

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Our Coffee beans are carefully handpicked and remain untouched from then on until they are roasted in small batches to ensure incomparable aroma, crema, body and natural sweetness. This is because the higher the degree of roasting, the more the coffee's antioxidant properties decrease [See Wikipedia]. Therefore, dark roast coffee is often used to hide defects and impurities, which ultimately makes the coffee bitter.

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